Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Michigan Civil Rights Commission to Endorse HB5515

Feb 2, 2010

"After House Bill 5515 passed out of the House Judiciary Committee (thanks in large part to the wonderful testimony and support of so many,) it then went to the House of Representatives as a whole. The House leadership could choose to schedule a vote on it at any time.

As we waited to learn when the House would take up the bill, Rep. Warren learned that the Michigan Civil Rights Commission was considering taking a position on it. Because an endorsement from the Commission would be very helpful, it was decided to delay any vote until after the Commission was able to consider the issue.

The Commission held their hearing yesterday, and today we formally received notice that they have endorsed the legislation. We are thrilled.

There is no date set at this time for the House to vote on the bill, but it will likely happen soon. Thank you for inquiring, and you will be the first to know when we learn that the House plans to take it up.

Rep. Warren thanks you for your continued interest and support on this issue."

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